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John BeltonIntroduction: Technology3
Nico de KlerkA few remaining hours5
Paul C. SpehrEugene Augustin Lauste: A biographical chronology18
John HillerEugene Augustin Lauste: Apparatus in the Smithsonian39
Anna SiomopoulosEntertaining ethics45
Scott HigginsTechnology and aesthetics55
Richard NeupertColour, lines and nudes77
Hazard ReevesThis is Cinerama85
Michael J. QuinnParamount and early feature distribution: 1914-192198
Janet BergstromOneiric Cinema: The Woman on the Beach114
Kristin ThompsonIntroduction131
Helmut G. Asper and Jan-Christopher HorakThree smart guys: How a few penniless German émigrés saved Universal Studios134
Bo FlorinFrom Sjöström to Seastrom154
Rashit M. YangirovMan of fortune: A sketch of Alexander Drankov's life after Russia164
Lou Reech'A movie hero of the film called Life'169
Yuri TsivianLeonid Kinskey, the Hollywood foreigner175
James D. SteakleyCinema and censorship in the Weimar Republic181
Charles 'Buckey' GrimmA paper print pre-history204
Samantha BarbasThe political spectator217
Kristin ThompsonScott Eyman, Ernst Lubitsch230
Stephen BottomoreIntroduction243
Frank GraySmith versus Melbourne-Cooper: History and Counter-History246
Edited and Introduced by Ivo BlomChapters from the Life of a Camera-Operator. The Recollections of Anton Nöggerath - filming news and non-fiction, 1897-1908262
Alison Griffiths'To the World the World We Show': Early Travelogues as Filmed Ethnography282
Scot BarméEarly Thai Cinema and Filmmaking: 1897-1922308
Robert SpadoniThe Figure Seen from the Rear, Vitagraph, and the Development of Shot/Reverse Shot319
David MayerThe Death of a Stage Actor: the Genesis of a Film342
Michael Hammond'A Soul Stirring Appeal to Every Briton': The Reception of The Birth of a Nation in Britain (1915-1916)353
John HillerFilm History for the Public: the First National Movie Machine Collection371
Stephen BottomoreBook Reviews387
Rick Altman and Richard AbelIntroduction395
Patrick LoughneyDomitor Witnesses the First Complete Public Presentation of the 'Dickson Experimental Sound Film' in the 20th Century400
Edison and the Kinetograph (1895)404
Joseph P. EckhardtThe Effect Is Quite Startling: Siegmund Lubin's Attempts to Commercially Exploit Sound Motion Pictures, 1903-1914408
Scott Curtis'If It's Not Scottish, It's Crap!': Harry Lauder Sings for Selig418
Pierre VéronneauAn Intermedia Practice: 'Talking Pictures' in Montreal, 1908-1910426
Jean-Pierre Sirois-TrahanThe reception of 'talking pictures' in the context of Québec exhibition (1894-1915)433
Malgorzata HendrykowskaFrom the Phonograph to the Kinetophone: Sound in the Cinema within the Polish Territory Prior to 1914444
Jan OlssonIn and out of Sync: Swedish Sound Films 1903-1914449
Jens Ulff-MřllerBiophon Sound Films in Danish Cinemas, 1904-1914: The 'Talking and Singing Movies' in Constantin Philipsen's Kosmorama Cinemas456
Michael WedelMesster's 'Silent' Heirs: Sync Systems of the German Music Film 1914-1929464
Martin BarnierThe Controversy over the 'Invention of the Talking Picture'477
Stephen BottomoreAn International Survey of Sound Effects in Early Cinema485
Back issues of Film History - volumes 6-11 (1994-99)500