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John FullertonIntroduction: Experiment in Film Before World War II3
Ian ChristieHistories of the future: mapping the avant-garde6
Christine GledhillPlay as experiment in 1920s British cinema14
Jan-Christopher HorakA neglected genre: James Sibley Watson's avant-garde industrial films35
Michael K. BucklandThe Kinamo movie camera, Emanuel Goldberg and Joris Ivens49
Carlos BustamanteAGFA, Kullmann, Singer & Co. and early cine-film stock59
Nadi TofighianJosé Nepomuceno and the creation of a Filipino national consciousness77
John FullertonCreating an audience for the cinématographe: two Lumière agents in Mexico, 189695
Richard KoszarskiBook review115
Stephen BottomoreIntroduction: Moving Picture Fiction123
Translated and introduced by Ivo BlomNorth and South: two early texts about cinema-going by Louis Couperus127
Roland-François LackFirst encounters: French literature and the cinematograph133
Translated and introduced by Stephen Bottomore'Fixing for eternity': Gabriel Aubray's 'Devant le Cinématographe' (1897)144
Peter JewellCollectors' tales: a personal overview of Film Fiction at Bill Douglas Centre149
Andrea HallerShadows in the glasshouse: Film novels in Imperial Germany, 1913-1917164
Andrew ShailThe motion picture story magazine and the origins of popular British film culture181
Richard KoszarskiThe Girl and Her Trust: film into fiction198
Geoff BrownI am also a camera: John Heygate and Talking Picture202
Ken Wlaschin with Stephen BottomoreMoving picture fiction of the silent era, 1895-1928217
David LevyBook review261
Richard KoszarskiIntroduction: Studio Systems267
Martin ShinglerBette Davis made over in wartime: The feminisation of an androgynous star in Now, Voyager (1942)269
Vincent L. BarnettThe novelist as Hollywood star: author royalties and studio income in the 1920s281
Patricia CookAlbany Ward and the development of cinema exhibition in England294
Christina PetersenThe 'Reol' Story: Race Authorship and Consciousness in Robert Levy's Reol Productions, 1921-1926308
Colin GunckelThe war of the accents: Spanish language Hollywood films in Mexican Los Angeles325
Catherine JurcaMotion pictures' greatest year (1938): public relations and the American film industry344
Paul McEwanLawyers, Bibliographies, and the Klan: Griffith's resources in the censorship battle over The Birth of a Nation in Ohio357
Tom RiceProtecting Protestantism: The Ku Klux Klan vs. The Motion Picture Industry367
Jerold SimmonsViolent youth: the censoring and public reception of The Wild One and The Blackboard Jungle381
Daniel J. LeabIntroduction: Politics and Film395
Larry CeplairThe film industry's battle against left-wing influences, from the Russian Revolution to the Blacklist399
John SbardellatiBrassbound G-Men and celluloid reds: the FBI's search for communist propaganda in wartime Hollywood412
K. Kevyne Baar"What Has My Union Done for Me?"437
Sarah KozloffWyler's Wars456
Rebecca Prime'The Old Bogey': The Hollywood Blacklist in Europe474
Grant B. StillmanTwo of the MADdest scientists: where Strangelove Meets Dr. No; or, unexpected roots for Kubrick's cold war classic487
Stephen SchwartzThe paradoxes of film and the recovery of historical memory: Vicente Aranda's works on the Spanish Civil War501
Erika Gottfried'TWU on TV!' - The Transport Workers' Union and television in the early 1950s and 1960s509