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John FullertonIntroduction: Nordic Cinema3
Mark B. SandbergPocket Movies: Souvenir Cinema Programmes and the Danish Silent Cinema6
Casper TybjergDreyer and the National Film in Denmark23
Kimmo Laine'Ylimeno'-transitions in Finnish Films of the 1930s and 1940s37
Bjørn SørenssenRadical Romanticism in Scandinavian Documentary: The Norwegian Nature Meme in For harde livet50
John FullertonNotes on the Cultural Context of Reception: 'The Girl from the Marsh Croft', 191758
Antti AlanenAho and Stiller65
Gunnar IversenNorway in Moving Images: Hale's Tours in Norway in 190771
André GaudreaultFragmentation and assemblage in the Lumière animated pictures76
Lynette TanThe New Deal Cowboy: Gene Autry and the Antimodern Resolution89
Back issues of Film History - volumes 1-12 (1987-2000)102
Stephen BottomoreIntroduction: Non-Fiction Film115
Vanessa Toulmin'Local films for local people': Travelling showmen and the commissioning of local films in Great Britain, 1900-1902118
Paula AmadCinema's 'sanctuary': From pre-documentary to documentary film in Albert Kahn's Archives de la Planète (1908-1931)138
Stephen BottomoreRediscovering early non-fiction film160
Charles 'Buckey' GrimmCarl Louis Gregory: Life through a lens174
Nicholas Hiley and Luke McKernanReconstructing the news: British newsreel documentation and the British Universities Newsreel Project185
Vance Kepley, Jr.The Order of Point of Order200
Maria San FilippoWhat a long, strange trip it's been - William Greaves' Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One216
Garth JowettIntroduction: Motion Pictures as a Phase of Commercialized Amusement in Toledo, Ohio231
Rev. J.J. Phelan, M.A., Ph.D.Motion Pictures as a Phase of Commercialized Amusement in Toledo, Ohio234
Lea JacobsIntroduction: Before Screwball335
Jane M. GreeneThe Road to Reno: The Awful Truth and the Hollywood comedy of remarriage337
Billy Budd VermillionThe remarriage plot in the 1910s359
Ben BrewsterThe Circle: Lubitsch and the theatrical farce tradition372
Kristin ThompsonLubitsch, acting and the silent romantic comedy390
Sara Ross'Good Little Bad Girls': Controversy and the flapper comedienne409
Lea JacobsThe seduction plot: Comic and dramatic variants424
Ivo BlomJan de Vaal443
Virginia BrooksErik Barnouw443
Back issues of Film History - volumes 1-12 (1987-2000)445