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Richard KoszarskiOral history3
Kevin BrownlowLewis Milestone: From transcript to film script5
John FellRudolf Arnheim in discussion with film students and faculty, San Francisco State College, 7 May 196511
Richard Koszarski'A Lion in Your Lap - A Lover in Your Arns': Arch Oboler and Bwana Devil17
Robert S. BirchardConversations with Irvin V. Willat29
Alan MarcusUncovering an auteur: Fred Zinnemann49
William A. CrespinelPioneer days in colour motion pictures with William T. Crespinel57
Ronald S. MagliozziWitnessing the development of independent film culture in New York: an interview with Charles L. Turner72
Sean P. HolmesThe Hollywood star system and the regulation of actors' labour, 1916-193497
Patrick MullinsEthnic cinema in the nickelodeon era in New York City: Commerce, Assimilation and Cultural Identity115
Back issues of Film History - volumes 9-11 (1997-99)125
Daniel J. LeabMoving Image Archives: Past and Future131
Gregory LukowBeyond 'On-the-Job': The education of moving image archivists - a history in progress134
Ray EdmondsonArchiving 'Outside the Frame': Audiovisual archiving in South East Asia and the Pacific148
Abigail Leab MartinNo longer reinventing the wheel but creatively skinning the cat156
Patrick G. LoughneyThomas Jefferson's movie collection174
Roger Smither and David WalshUnknown pioneer: Edward Foxen Cooper and the Imperial War Museum Film Archive, 1919-1934187
Ronald W. WilsonInterstate Theatre Collection, 1907-1977: City of Dallas Public Library Dallas, Texas204
Thomas CrippsThe Olympic Museum and IOC Studies Centre, Lausanne: A personal view211
Ina BertrandThe mystery of the missing director215
Richard KoszarskiBook Reviews226
Back issues of Film History - volumes 6-8 (1994-96)229
Giorgio BertelliniIntroduction: Early Italian cinema235
Claudia GianettoThe Giant Ambrosio, or Italy's most prolific silent film company240
Silvio AlovisioThe 'Pastrone System': Itala Film from the origins to World War I250
Kimberly TomadjoglouRome's premiere film studio: Societą Italiana Cines262
Raffaele De BertiMilano Films: The exemplary history of a film company of the 1910s276
John P. WelleFilm on paper: Early Italian cinema literature, 1907-1920288
Monica Dall'AstaItalian serial films and 'international popular culture'300
John David Rhodes'Our beautiful and glorious art lives': The rhetoric of nationalism in early Italian film periodicals308
Marco BertozziVisualising the past: The Italian city in early cinema322
Tjitte De VriesLetter to the Editor: The case for Melbourne-Cooper330
John BeltonIntroduction: Colour Film339
Richard KoszarskiFoolish Wives: The colour restoration that never happened341
John BeltonCinecolor344
Scott HigginsDemonstrating three-colour Technicolor: Early three-colour aesthetics and design358
TCP of White, Weld & Co.Analysis of Technicolor stock384
John BeltonGetting It Right: Robert Harris on Colour Restoration393
Richard W. HainesTechnicolor revival410
Herbert ReynoldsAural gratification with Kalem films: a case history of music, lectures and sound effects, 1907-1917417
Peter DecherneyInventing Film Study and Its Object at Columbia University, 1915-1938443
Back issues of Film History - volumes 8-11 (1996-99)461