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James Robert HaspielAnne Bancroft1
Tom RogersOf Black Holes, Vulcans and The Force21
John ChapinFilms in Review30
Ronald BowersThe '80s32
Page CookThe Sound Track35
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 1638
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene40
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch43
Book Reviews46
Pat AndersonReview Landmark Films46
Doug McClellandReview The Films of Susan Haywood47
Herman WeinbergReview Charmed Lives47
Michael BuckleyReview 50 from the 50's48
James Robert HaspielReview Seesaw49
Films in Review50
Marsha McCreadie, Jeffrey Wells, Edwin KephartKramer Vs. Kramer50
Michael BuckleyThe Runner Stumbles52
Tatiana Balkoff LipscombThe Black Stallion53
Jeffrey Wells194153
Jeffrey WellsQuadrophenia54
Herman WeinbergCharles and Lucie55
Tom RogersLife of Brian56
Dean BillantiSomething Short of Paradise56
Dean BillantiThe Magician of Lublin57
Robert MartinStay As You Are57
Tom RogersArabian Adventure58
Rob EdelmanMountain Family Robinson58
Rob EdelmanJesus58
Ronald BowersDavid Wark Griffith Awards65
DeWitt BodeenAngela Lansbury73
Trisha CurranThe Seventies92
Rob EdelmanHarold Becker Discusses The Onion Field95
Page CookThe Sound Track99
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene102
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16104
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch106
Book Reviews108
William K. EversonReview The Films of Fritz Lang108
DeWitt BodeenReview Introduction to the Photoplay109
Tom RogersReview The Celluloid Vampires110
Doug McClellandReview Perils of Kay Aldridge110
Edward WagenknechtReview The Shattered Silents111
Films in Review112
Jeffrey Wells, Rob EdelmanAll That Jazz: Two Views112
Tom RogersStar Trek - The Motion Picture114
Tom RogersThe Black Hole115
Rob EdelmanWise Blood115
Pat Anderson, William K. EversonThe Electric Horseman - Two Views116
Rob EdelmanGoing in Style117
Robert MartinIn the Family118
Dean BillantiCuba119
Dean BillantiChapter Two119
Rob EdelmanBaby Snakes120
Dean BillantiVanina Vanini120
Rob EdelmanThe Jerk120
Films in Release128
Anthony SlideSilent Stars Speak129
Rob Edelman28 Year-Old Martin Brest Talks About Directing Going In Style142
Alfonso PintoMona Maris145
William K. EversonRediscovery160
Page CookThe Sound Track163
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16166
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene168
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch171
Book Reviews173
W.K. EversonReview The Great British Films173
Marsha McCreadieReview Abel Gance174
Jim BeaverReview The Fall Guy175
Films in Review176
Rob EdelmanBeing There177
Jeffrey WellsOur Hitler, A Film From Germany176
Rob EdelmanAmerican Gigolo177
Robert L. LiebmanCoup de tete178
Jack CurryHero at Large179
Peter MascuchThe Human Factor180
Charles Phillips ReillyA Simple Story180
Robert L. LiebmanTo Forget Venice181
Jeffrey WellsThe Fog182
Edwin KephartAngi Vera183
Dean BillantiWindows183
Rob EdelmanThe Last Married Couple in America184
Films in Release192
Ronald BowersThe First Annual David Wark Griffith Awards193
DeWitt BodeenDoris Kenyon203
Jeffrey WellsNew Fright Master John Carpenter218
Kevin LewisJean Seberg of Iowa & Paris225
Page CookThe Sound Track230
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16233
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene235
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch237
Book Reviews240
Pat AndersonReview When the Shooting Stops240
Peter MascuchReview The Last Hero241
Films in Review242
Michael BuckleyCoal Miner's Daughter242
Lloyd GruverCruising242
Jack CurryA Small Circle of Friends243
Rob EdelmanThe Black Marble244
Jeffrey WellsCaligula244
Pat AndersonMy Brilliant Career245
Peter MascuchFoxes246
Rob EdelmanFriday the 13th246
Jack CurryLittle Darlings247
Rob EdelmanJust Tell Me What You Want247
Tom RogersThe Changeling248
Pat AndersonThe Immortal Bachelor248
Robert MartinFatso249
Dean BillantiBlood Feud249
Films in Release256
Gregory MankColin Clive257
Alvin H. MarillMovies Come Home269
DeWitt BodeenMary Nolan273
Jeffrey WellsPaul Schader284
Randy VestElizabeth Russell289
Page CookThe Sound Track295
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16298
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene300
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch302
Book Reviews304
Herman WeinbergReview Rex Ingram304
Jeffrey WellsReview Francois Truffaut305
Larry MandellReview Hollywood Renaissance306
Films in Review307
Marsha McCreadieNijinsky307
Pat AndersonClair de Femme307
Robert L. LiebmanSitting Ducks308
Rob EdelmanHide in Plain Sight309
Pat AndersonSerial309
Jack CurryGilda Live310
Michael BuckleyLittle Miss Marker310
Pat AndersonSimon311
Rob EdelmanDefiance311
Tom RogersThe Wicker Man312
Rob EdelmanRoger Corman: Hollywood's Wild Angel313
Dean BillantiChrist Stopped at Eboli313
Films in Release320
DeWitt BodeenZaSu Pitts321
Jim HaspielShelley Winters343
Daniel LopezEvita349
Hugh AllenThe 52nd Academy Awards352
Peter MascuchRandal Kleiser Directs The Blue Lagoon357
Page CookThe Sound Track361
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16363
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene365
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch369
Films in Review371
Edwin Kephartthe Tin Drum371
Marsha McCreadieHeart Beat372
Jeffrey WellsFame372
Robert LiebmanThe Left-Handed Woman373
Jeffrey WellsThe Island374
Trisha CurranSoupcon375
Rob EdelmanOn the Nickel375
Peter MascuchDinner for Adele376
Jeffrey WellsWhere the Buffalo Roam376
Pat AndersonThree Documentaries377
Films in Release384
Larry Lee HollandFlorence Lawrence385
DeWitt BodeenChester Morris395
Rob EdelmanDirectors Series409
Jack CurryTravolta's Puritan Urban Cowboy413
William K. EversonMichael Powell415
Richard TraubnerRestrspectives in Berlin419
Page CookThe Sound Track423
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16427
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene428
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch431
Book Reviews432
Herman WeinbergReview The Pleasure Dome432
William K. EversonReview Hollywood433
Films in Review436
Trisha CurranKnife in the Head436
Rob EdelmanBrubaker436
Brendan WardBronco Billy437
Edwin KephartUrban Cowboy437
Pat Anderson, Jeffrey WellsThe Shining: Two Views438
Tom RogersThe Empire Strikes Back439
Peter MascuchThe Long Riders440
Edwin KephartCarny440
Robert MartinThe Outsider441
Rob EdelmanMax441
Tatiana Balkoff LipscombThe Last Flight of Noah's Ark442
Films in Release448
DeWitt BodeenLaura La Plante449
Jim BeaverJames Stewart466
Rob EdelmanGena Rowlands Is Gloria472
Trisha CurranLillian Gish476
Norma McLain StoopBruce Dern478
Rob EdelmanRichard Herd481
Page CookThe Sound Track483
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16486
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene488
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch491
Book Reviews492
Rob EdelmanReview Forgotten Films to Remember492
William K. EversonReview Crime Movies492
Edward WagenknechtReview Bittersweet493
Ariel BerlinReview My Side of the Road494
Films in Review495
Edwin KephartMy Bodyguard495
Jeffrey WellsThe Great Santini495
Pat AndersonThe Adventures of Picasso496
Dean BillantiDressed to Kill497
Rob EdelmanWillie and Phil497
Trisha CurranPractice Makes Perfect498
Peter MascuchHoneysuckle Rose499
Jeffrey WellsThe Special Edition: Close Encounters of the Third Kind499
Trisha CurranSummer Showers500
Jeffrey WellsScum500
John Paul WardThe Getting of Wisdom501
Jeffrey WellsRadio On501
Donald Edward StaplesMiddle Age Crazy502
Tatiana Balkoff LipscombHerbie Goes Bananas502
Jim BeaverThe Final Countdown503
Tatiana Balkoff LipscombOh Heavenly Dog503
Tom RogersThe Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu503
Tom RogersBattle Beyond the Stars503
Films in Release512
DeWitt BodeenDirk Bogarde513
Gregory MankJosephine Hutchinson529
Yuri Vidov KarageorgeCurrent French Cinema539
Peter MascuchPaul Mazursky543
Trisha CurranPhilippe de Broca544
Pat AndersonTage Danielsson545
Marsha McCreadieTheodoros Bafaloukos547
Rob EdelmanBrian Garfield549
Page CookThe Sound Track551
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16553
Alvin H. MarillTh Television Scene555
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch559
Book Reviews561
Michael BuckleyReview Shelley561
Films in Review565
Trisha CurranOrdinary People565
Marsha McCreadieResurrection565
Edwin KephartReturn of the Secaucus 7566
Brendan WardHopscotch567
Rob EdelmanThe Elephant Man567
Dean BillantiBad Timing568
Jeffrey WellsSomewhere in Time568
Michael BuckleyDivine Madness569
Tom RogersWithout Warning569
Films in Release576
DeWitt BodeenMarlon Brando577
John D. ShoutJudy Holliday597
Rob EdelmanColor Fading: Raging Bull607
Charles Phillips Reilly18th New York Film Fesival609
Rob EdelmanClaudia Weill & It's My Turn611
Rob EdelmanCarlos Diegues & Cinema Novo613
Page CookThe Sound Track615
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16618
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene620
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch623
Book Reviews625
Edward WagenknechtReview Griffith625
Doug McClellandReview The Films of Charles Bronson625
Dan O'NeillReview Before My Eyes626
Jim BeaverReview The Pretend Indians627
Jim BeaverReview The Complete Films of William S. Hart627
Rob EdelmanReview Lee Strasberg627
Film in Review628
Rob EdelmanStardust Memories628
Jeffrey WellsThe Stunt Man628
Rob EdelmanMelvin and Howard629
Pat AndersonHulllabaloo over Georgie and Bonnie's Pictures630
Rob EdelmanKagemusha630
Rob EdelmanThe Idolmaker631
Rob EdelmanLoulou631
Jim BeaverSam Marlow, Private Eye632
Dean BillantiLoving Couples632
Films in Release640