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1982 David Wark Griffith Awards1
Brendan WardFrom the Editor4
National Board News5
John SpringerEastman Awards7
Michael BuckleyBen Kingsley10
Brian M. ChicHenry Daniell15
Michael BuckleyFred Zinnemann25
Charlene KristaJim Henson41
Films in Review45
Pat AndersonGandhi45
John CalhounThat Championship Season46
Armond WhiteSplit Image47
Armond WhiteBrimstone & Treacle47
Marcia MagillThe Verdict48
Marsha McCreadieTime Stands Still49
Mildred TaffelSophie's Choice49
Kenneth M. Chanko48 Hours50
John NangleSmithereens51
Richard GreenbaumEating Raoul51
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene53
Page CookThe Sound Track56
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch59
Book Reviews61
John A. GallagherReview George Cukor61
Armond WhiteReview 5001 Nights at the Movies62
Brendan WardFrom the Editor67
Richard GreenbaumPictures of Women69
Gregory F. MankSusanna Foster75
Joseph HurleyGlenn Close86
Kenneth M. ChankoJohn Sayles94
Pat BroeskeJohn Frankenheimer99
1982 Films in Review Index106
Films in Review110
Marsha McCreadieTootsie110
Pat AndersonThe Toy110
Gerry MartaVeronika Voss111
Jim WelshAirplane II: The Sequel111
Arnold HortonCeleste112
Kiss Me Goodbye112
Kenneth M. ChankoThe Year of Living Dangerously113
Anne C. MorraSix Weeks114
Gregory SolmanTrail of the Pink Panther115
Tim PurtellFrances116
Jim BeaverAd Glib117
Page CookThe Sound Track118
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene123
Book Reviews125
William K. EversonReview James Whale125
Brendan WardFrom the Editor131
John GallagherVictor Fleming133
Charlene KristaStacy Keach155
Joseph HurleyTavernier et Noiret163
Gregory F. MankSusanna Foster171
Films in Review174
J. Porter ReillyBefore the Nickleodeon: The Early Cinema of Edwin Porter174
Gregory SolmanState of Things175
Gerry MartaThe Stationmaster's Wife176
Kenneth M. ChankoThreshold177
Kenneth M. ChankoLovesick177
Page CookThe Sound Track178
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene181
Book Reviews186
John NangleReview Banned Films186
Armond WhiteReview James Dean187
John A. GallagherReview A Manhattan Odyssey188
Brendan WardFrom the Editor195
National Board News196
Michael BuckleyFourth Annual National Board Award Ceremony197
Michael BuckleyPatricia Neal203
Richard GreenbaumNinth Indian Film Festival221
Joseph HurleyTavernier et Noiret encore230
Films in Review238
John NanglePortrait of a Woman, Nude238
Eve B. RoseWithout a Trace238
Gerry MartaBetrayal239
Armond WhiteTable for Five240
Gregory SolmanThe Meaning of Life241
John CalhounLocal Hero242
Kenneth M. ChankoTender Mercies242
John NangleTales of Ordinary Madness243
Tim PurtellLa nuit de varennes244
Charlene KristaThe Pirates of Penzance244
Page CookThe Sound Track245
Jim BeaverAd Glib248
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch249
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene250
Book Reviews253
Ron SimonReview Women on Film253
Brendan WardFrom the Editor259
John GallagherAnthony Harvey261
Kenneth M. ChankoRobert Duvall272
Michael BuckleyEva Marie Saint286
John GallagherFranc Roddam297
Films in Review301
Michael BuckleyThe King of Comedy301
Gregory SolmanGiant302
Ronald SimonBaby, it's You302
Kenneth M. ChankoBlue Thunder303
Armond WhiteThe Outsiders304
Pat AndersonMan, Woman and Child305
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene306
William K. EversonRediscovery308
Page CookThe Sound Track311
Book Reviews314
Jim BeaverReview The Films of Alan Ladd314
John NangleReview Charles Boyer314
Pat H. BroeskeReview Keep watching the skies!316
Pat H. BroeskeReview The Three Stooges Scrapbook317
Brendan WardFrom the Editor323
National Board News324
Michael BuckleyThe Regency326
Robert M. Hammond & Charles FordFrench End Games329
James BawdenGeorge Sidney334
Daniel GerrollOf Querelle and the Wizard of Babylon347
Charlene KristaTeri Garr351
John GallagherWim Wenders355
Kenneth M. ChankoViews362
Films in Review364
Jim BeaverThe Black Stallion Returns364
John NangleThe Gift364
Joseph HurleyLianna365
Joseph HurleyFlashdance366
Joseph HurleyQuerelle367
Kenneth M. ChankoThe Hunger368
Gregory SolmanReturn of the Jedi368
Jim BeaverAd Glib371
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene372
Page CookThe Sound Track375
Book Reviews379
John NangleReview The Films of the Thirties379
Michael BuckleyReview Unforgettable Hollywood380
Michael BuckleyReview The RKO Story380
Joseph HurleyReview Something to Declare381
Robin LittleFrom the Editor385
DeWitt BodeenBert Lytell386
Alvin H. MarillEli Wallach400
John Gallagher and John HancPenn's Westerns414
Kenneth M. ChankoDaniel Stern428
Pat H. BroeskeLouis Gossett, Jr.431
Page CookThe Sound Track436
Films in Review439
Gregory SolmanFanny and Alexander439
Kenneth M. ChankoPsycho II440
Charles SawyerStroker Ace441
James M. WelshThe Man with Two Brains441
Kenneth M. ChankoWargames442
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene443
Robin LittleFrom the Editor449
Joseph HurleyJessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn450
Larry Lee HollandAdolphe Menjou463
Alvin H. Marill1983 Locarno Film Festival474
Charlene KristaKevin Kline476
John A. GallagherA Final Tribute482
Richard GreenbaumLuis Bunuel 1900-1983484
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene487
William K. EversonRediscovery490
Book Reviews493
John NangleReview British Film Character Actors493
John NangleReview Great Film Epics493
Richard GreenbaumNew Directors/New Films 1983495
Films in Review500
Pat AndersonDaniel500
Michael BuckleyThe Big Chill501
Kenneth M. ChankoBrainstorm502
Marcia MagillKrull503
Pat AndersonStaying Alive503
Pat AndersonRisky Business504
Charles SawyerKitty and the Bagman504
John NangleL'etoile du nord505
Pat AndersonClass506
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch508
Robin LittleFrom the Editor513
DeWitt BodeenThe Farnum Brothers514
Michael BuckleyTom Berenger529
John NangleNino Manfredi532
John GallagherClaire Trevor534
Michael BuckleyDavid Dukes548
Richard TraubnerMuseum of Modern Art552
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene556
Page CookThe Sound Track559
William K. EversonSome Random Thoughts on Film Scholarship566
Films in Review569
Marcia MagillEducating Rita569
Joseph HurleyMerry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence569
Joseph HurleyHanna K.570
Book Reviews572
Alvin H. MarillReview Hollywood on Ronald Reagan572
John NangleReview Cinema, the Magic Vehicle572
John NangleReview A Valuable Property573
Lee SilvianReview Harold Lloyd574
William K. EversonScrewball Comedy578
Charles Phillips ReillyThe 21st New York Film Festival585
Herbert G. LuftThe Story of Kurt Gerron588
Michael BuckleyJeanne Moreau599
Richard TraubnerMuseum of Modern Art604
John NangleJohn Springer608
Page CookThe Sound Track614
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene617
Film Reviews620
Marcia MagillThe Right Stuff620
Tatiana Balkoff LipscombNever Cry Wolf621
John KyriakisDon'tLook Back621
Kenneth L. GeistThe Grey Fox622
Rose L. KalinskyNever Say Never Again623
John NangleThe Lonely Lady623
Joseph HurleyHeat and Dust624
Book Reviews625
John NangleReview Elsa Lanchester Herself625
John NangleReview Golden Boy626
Michael BuckleyA Final Tribute627
Robert Evans and John Cocchi1982 Necrology629