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Stephen BottomoreIntroduction3
Stephen BottomoreInterview with Mr. T.H. Blair6
Gerry TurveyPanoramas, parades and the picturesque: the aesthetics of British actuality films, 1895-19019
Richard BrownWar on the home front: the Anglo-Boer War and the growth of rental in Britain. An economic perspective28
Vanessa ToulminAn early crime film rediscovered: Mitchell and Kenyon's Arrest of Goudie (1901)37
John BarnesMary Jane's Mishap: An early British film re-examined54
Jon BurrowsPenny Pleasures: Film exhibition in London during the Nickelodeon era, 1906-191460
Joan M. Minguet BatlloriEarly Spanish cinema and the problem of modernity92
Book reviews108
Stephen BottomoreReview Jean Desmet and the Early Dutch Film Trade108
Richard KoszarskiIntroduction115
Arthur LennigMyth and fact117
Richard C. SaylorDr. Ellis Paxson Oberholtzer and the early years of the Pennsylvania State Board of Censors (Motion Picture)142
Ian ChristieThe Magic Sword163
Jon BurrowsPenny Pleasures II172
John BeltonIntroduction203
World 3-D Expo Egyptian Theater Los Angees, September 2003205
Rick MitchellThe tragedy of 3-D cinema208
Ray ZoneA window on space216
William PaulBreaking the Fourth Wall229
Sheldon HallDial M for Murder243
Gary Palmer3-D Filmography256
John BeltonThe curved screen277
James LabosierFrom the Kinetoscope to the Nickelodeon: Motion Picture Presentation and Production in Portland, Oregon from 1894 to 1906286
Daniel J. LeabIntroduction331
Robert Mayhewthe Making of Song of Russia334
Ronald Radosh and Allis RadoshA Great Historic Mistake358
Stephen SchwartzArthur Miller's Proletariat378
Harvey Klehr and John Earl HaynesOn the Waterfront without a clue393
John Earl HaynesA Bibliography of Communism, Film, Radio and Television396
Arthur EcksteinThe Hollywood Ten in history and memory424
Paul LeschFilm and politics in Luxembourg437