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John FullertonIntroduction3
Vanessa Toulmin and Martin LoiperdingerIs it You? Recognition, Representation and Response in Relation to the Local Film7
Brigitte Braun and Uli JungLocal Films from Trier, Luxembourg and Metz: A Successful Business venture of the Marzen Family, Cinema Owners19
Marina DahlquistGlobal versus Local: The Case of Pathé29
Jan OlssonTrading Places: Griffith, Patten and Agricultural Modernity39
John Fullerton and Elaine KingLocal Views, Distant Scenes: Registering Affect in Surviving Mexican Actuality Films of the 1920s66
Asa JernuddReform and Entertainment: Film Exhibition and Leisure in a Small Town in Sweden at the End of the Nineteenth Century88
Gunnar IversenCutting Bordello Scenes and Dances: Local Regulation and Film Censorship in Norway before 1913106
Charlene RegesterFrom the Buzzard's Roost: Black Movie-going in Durham and Other North Carolina Cities during the Early Period of American Cinema113
Ylva HabelTo Stockholm, with Love: The Critical Reception of Josephine Baker, 1927-35125
Bert HogenkampA Curly Top, a Royal Engagement and a Local Bylaw: Cinema Exhibition and Innovation in Utrecht in 1936139
Thunnis van Oort'That pleasant feeling of peaceful coziness': Cinema Exhibition in a Dutch Mining District during the Inter-war Period148
Janet BergstromIntroduction163
Kevin BrownlowAnnus Mirabilis168
Schawn Belston and Rob EasterlaFox 1927179
Janet BergstromMurnau, Movietone and Mussolini187
Douglas GomeryWhat Was Adolph Zukor Doing in 1927?205
Ross MelnickStation R-O-X-Y: Roxy and the Radio217
Richard Koszarski'It's No Use to Have an Unhappy Man': Paul Fejos at Universal234
Jan-Christopher HorakSauerkraut & Sausages with a Little Goulash: Germans in Hollywood, 1927241
Tony GuzmanThe Little Theatre Movement: The Institutionalization of the European Art Film in America261
James HahnSorrell and Son: Difficult Viewing285
Christophe Gauthier1927, Year One of the Franch Film Heritage?289
Lea JacobsMen Without Women: The Avatars of What Price Glory307
Laurent Véray1927: The Apotheosis of the French Historical Film?334
Richard AbelMemory Work: Franch Historical Epics, 1926-1927352
Hiroshi KomatsuThe Foundation of Modernism: Japanese Cinema in the Year 1927363
Richard KoszarskiIntroduction379
Stephen WeinbergerJoe Breen's Oscar380
Bruce WilliamsThe lie that told the truth: (Self) publicity strategies and the myth of Mario Peixote's Limite392
Arthur LennigThe Mother and the Law404
Max AlvaezThe Origins of the film exchange431
Richard KoszarskiFlu season: Moving Picture World reports on pandemic influenza, 1918-19466