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Ken DoeckelDeborah Kerr1
DeWitt BodeenBooth Tarkington17
Alfonso PintoHollywood's French Language Films29
Page CookThe Sound Track37
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 1640
Alvin H. MarillFilms on TV43
Book Reviews46
Alvin H. MarillReview Universal Pictures46
Rob EdelmanReview Blacks in black and white47
Francis M. Nevins, Jr.Review The great spy pictures48
DeWitt BodeenReview Marlene49
Film Reviews50
William K. EversonThat Obscure Object of Desire50
C.P.R.The Serpent's Egg51
Rob EdelmanSemi-Tough51
Marsha McCreadieMr. Klein52
William BernardThe Duellist52
Tatiana Balkoff LipscombThree Warriors53
Dorothy Dean190053
Rob EdelmanYou Light Up My Life54
Gary CollinsBrothers54
Dorothy DeanMan on the Roof55
Rob EdelmanPardon Mon Affaire55
Charles Phillips Reilly1977's Ten Best65
James Robert HaspielKim Novak73
James K. LoutzenhiserHugo Haas89
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 1699
Page CookThe Sound Track102
Alvin H. MarillFilm On TV106
Book Reviews109
Wm. K. EversonReview Tim McCoy remembers the West109
Spencer M. BergerReview Damned in Paradise110
Anna Kate SterlingReview Women and the Cinema111
Steve SwiresReview The Great Science Fiction Pictures111
DeWitt BodeenReview Big U112
Film Reviews115
Michael BuckleySaturday Night Fever115
Tatiana Balkoff LipscombCandleshoe115
Dorothy DeanThe Gauntlet116
Rob EdelmanTelefon116
Hugh JamesThe World's Greatest Lover117
Harry BantaAnother Man, Another Chance117
Dorothy DeanThe Choirboys118
Rob EdelmanHigh Anxiety118
James Robert HaspielThe White Buffalo118
DeWitt BodeenMarjorie Rambeau 1889-1970129
Robert A. EvansEvans' 1977 Chronicle143
Larry Lee HollandFrancis X. Bushman157
Alvin H. MarillFilm on TV174
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16178
Page CookThe Sound Track181
Film Reviews185
Jim BeaverGeorge Raft193
Roger B. DooleyCathleen Nesbitt209
Anthony SlideThe Regulars222
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16225
Audrey KupferbergArchives227
Page CookThe Sound Track229
William K. EversonRediscovery233
Book Reviews237
Film Reviews239
Films in Review's Past245
Ronald BowersThe 50th Academy Awards257
DeWitt BodeenEarle Williams 1880-1927267
Michael and Marie BuckleyAnd the Nominees Are283
William K. EversonMovies That Might Have Been297
Alvin H. MarillFilms on TV299
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16303
Book Reviews305
Page CookThe Sound Track307
Film Reviews311
DeWitt BodeenEdna Ferber321
Rob EdelmanYiddish Cinema331
Herbert G. LuftLew Ayres345
Book Reviews356
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16361
Page CookThe Sound Track363
Alvin H. MarillFilms on TV367
Film Reviews371
Ronald BowersGale Sondergaard385
Cliff RobertsonCliff Robertson and Hollywoodgate398
Steve SwiresThings That Go Bump in the Night403
Yuri Vidov KarageorgePerspectives on Post-War410
Alvin H. MarillFilms on TV422
Page CookThe Sound Track426
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16430
Book Reviews434
Film Reviews437
DeWitt BodeenDorothy Dalton 1893-1972449
Robert WohlforthIn and Out of "The Birth of a Nation"465
Buck RaineyHoot Gibson, Cowboy471
Book Reviews485
Page CookThe Sound Track489
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16491
Herman G. WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch494
Alvin H. MarillFilms on TV497
Film Reviews500
Ronald BowersGrace Kelly513
James R. ParishMusee du Cinema526
Alfonso PintoGilbert Roland529
William K. EversonShould Everything Be Saved?541
Book Reviews545
Alvin H. MarillFilms on TV549
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16553
William K. EversonRediscovery555
Page CookThe Sound track559
Film Reviews565
DeWitt BodeenJoel McCrea and Frances Dee577
Pat AndersonThe 16th N.Y. Film Festival597
Gregory MankJean Harlow599
Alvin H. MarillFilms on TV617
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch621
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16624
Page CookThe Sound Track627
Book Reviews631
Film Reviews633