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Marc SilbermanIntroduction: Cold-War German Cinema3
Jennifer FayBecoming democratic: Satire, satiety, and the founding of West Germany6
Marc SilbermanLaerning from the enemy: DEFA-French co-productions of the 1950s21
Thomas LindenbergerHome sweet home: Desperately seeking Heimat in early DEFA films46
Stefan SoldovieriFinding navigable waters: Inter-German film relations and modernisation in two DEFA barge films of the 1950s59
Andrea RinkeEastside stories: Singing and dancing for socialism73
John Griffith UrangRealism and romance in the East German Cinema, 1952-196288
Amelie Hastle and Shelley StampIntroduction: Women and the Silent Screen: Cultural and Historical Practices107
Anne MoreyElinor Glyn as Hollywood labourer110
Shelley StampPresenting The Smalleys, 'collaborators in authorship and direction'119
Heidi KenagaMaking the 'Studio Girl': The Hollywoo Studio Club and industry regulation of female labour129
Richard AbelFan discourse in the heartland: the early 1910s140
Haidee WassonThe woman film critic: Newspapers, cinema and Iris Barry154
Jon Burrows'Melodrama of the dear old kind': Sentimentalising British action heroines in the 1910s163
Jennifer ParcheskyWomen in the driver's seat: The auto-erotics of early women's films174
Barbara McBaneImagining sound in the Solax films of Alice Guy Blach�: Canned Harmony (1912) and Burstop Holmes' Murder Case (1913)185
Melinda Szaloky'As you desire me'. Reading 'The Divine Garbo' throught mobement, silence and the sublime196
Mark Lynn AndersonReading Mabel Normand's library209
Amelie HastieThe miscellany of film history222
Stephen HerbertIntroduction: Film Museums235
David RobinsonFilm museums I have known and (sometimes) loved237
Stephen BottomoreCinema museums - a worldwide list261
Laurent MannoniHenri Langlois and the Musée du Cinéma274
Richard KoszarskiThe lost museum of Henri Langlois288
Rinella Cere'Exhibiting cinema': the cultural activities of the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, 1958-1971295
Donata Pesenti CampagnoniThe preservation, care and exploitation of documentation related to the cinema: an unresolved issue306
Sabine LenkCollections on display: Exhibiting artifacts in a film museum, with pride319
William K. EversonConcept326
Stephen BottomoreFilm museums: a bibliography327
Richard KoszarskiBook review350
Charles MusserIntroduction: Documentary Before Verité355
Carla LeshneThe Film & Photo League of San Francisco361
Richard KoszarskiNancy Naumburg: Vassar Revolutionary374
John MacKayAllegory and accommoation: Vertov's Three Songs of Lenin (1934) as a Stalinist Fim376
Amy J. StaplesSafari adventure: forgotten cinematic journeys in Africa392
Charles MusserPresenting "a true idea of the African of to-day": two documentary forays by Paul and Eslanda Robeson412
Sara Beth LevavyLand of Liberty in the World of Tomorrow440
Jan-Christopher HorakWildlife documentaries: from classical forms to reality TV459