Harold Lloyd (1893 - 1971)

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Harold Lloyd
Mein letztes Buch, Meinen Freunden in Europa gewidmet
Wien [1927]

Harold Lloyd
An American Comedy
New York 1971
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Harold Lloyd
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[Harold Lloyd]
Moscow, 1926
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Mary Dawn Earley
Stars of the Twenties, Observed by James Abbe
New York, 1975

Harold Lloyd
* April 20, 1893 Burchard, Nebraska
 as Harold Clayton Lloyd
 March 8, 1971 Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California

American silent film comedy actor and producer



The Sin of Harold Diddlebock


My Favorite Spy


A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob


Professor Beware


The Milky Way


The Cat's-Paw


Stout Hearts and Willing Hands
The House That Shadows Built


Feet First


Welcome Danger




Character Studies
The Kid Brother


For Heaven's Sake


The Freshman


Girl Shy
Hot Water


Safety Last!
Why Worry?
Dogs of War


Grandma's Boy
Dr. Jack


A Sailor-Made Man
Among Those Present
I Do
Now or Never
Never Weaken


His Royal Slyness
Number, Please?
High and Dizzy
Haunted Spooks
Get Out and Get Under
Eastern Westerner, An


Just Neighbors
From Hand to Mouth
Don't Shove
Bumping Into Broadway
Look Out Below


The City Slicker
She Loves Me Not
Two Scrambled
Why Pick on Me?


Step Lively


Court House Crooks
Lonesome Luke, Social Gangster
Pete, the Pedal Polisher


Willie's Haircut
The Patchwork Girl of Oz


The Twelfth Juror

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