Reginald Barlow (1866 - 1943)

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Reginald Barlow
* June 17, 1866 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
 July 6, 1943 Hollywood, California, USA



The Mayor of 44th Street


Scotland Yard


Daredevils of the Red Circle
Dick Tracy's G-Men
The Man in the Iron Mask
New Frontier
Tower of London
The Witness Vanishes


The Adventures of Marco Polo
Mysterious Mr. Moto


The Great Barrier
The Road Back
The Toast of New York
Thoroughbreds Don't Cry


The Last of the Mohicans
Little Lord Fauntleroy
Lloyd's of London
O'Malley of the Mounted
The Girl from Mandalay


Bride of Frankenstein
Captain Blood
Cardinal Richelieu
The Last Days of Pompeii
Les misérables
Mutiny Ahead
Strangers All
White Lies
The Gilded Lily
Romance in Manhattan
WereWolf of London


Beyond the Law
The Cat and the Fiddle
Cheating Cheaters
Half a Sinner
One Night of Love
Stamboul Quest


Ann Vickers
Day of Reckoning
Doctor Bull
Flying Down to Rio
Grand Slam
King Kong
Midnight Mary
Operator 13
Parachute Jumper
His Private Secretary
Goldie Gets Along


Afraid to Talk
The Age of Consent
Alias the Doctor
Evenings for Sale
Horse Feathers
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
If I Had a Million
Night Court
Rasputin and the Empress
Sinners in the Sun
Speak Easily
The Wet Parade
The Woman from Monte Carlo
As You Desire Me
State's Attorney


Mata Hari
The Sin of Madelon Claudet


Clothes Make the Pirate

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