W.C. Fields (1880 - 1946)

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W.C. Fields
* January 29, 1880 Darby, Pennsylvania, USA
 as William Claude Dukenfield
 December 25, 1946 Pasadena, California, USA

American comedian, actor, juggler and writer.



Down Memory Lane


Follow the Boys
Song of the Open Road
Sensations of 1945


Show-Business at War


Tales of Manhattan


Never Give a Sucker an Even Break


The Bank Dick
My Little Chickadee


You Can't Cheat an Honest Man


The Big Broadcast of 1938




Man on the Flying Trapeze
David Copperfield


It's a Gift
Six of a Kind
The Old Fashioned Way


Alice in Wonderland
International House
Hollywood on Parade No. A-9
The Barber Shop
Tillie and Gus
The Pharmacist
The Fatal Glass of Beer


If I Had a Million
Million Dollar Legs
The Dentist


Her Majesty, Love


Tillie's Punctured Romance
Fools for Luck


Running Wild
Two Flaming Youths


It's the Old Army Game
So's Your Old Man


That Royle Girl
Sally of the Sawdust


Janice Meredith


Pool Sharks

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