Byron Foulger (1899 - 1970)

Books with substantial mentioning of Byron Foulger
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Byron Foulger
* August 27, 1899 Ogden, Utah, USA
 as Byron Kay Foulger
 April 4, 1970 Hollywood, California, USA



Dick Tracy


There Was a Crooked Man
Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County


Blackbeard's Ghost


The Spirit Is Willing


Son of Flubber


Pocketful of Miracles
Ride the High Country
Devil's Partner


High School Big Shot
King of the Wild Stallions


Terror in a Texas Town
The Long, Hot Summer
Going Steady
Man from God's Country


The River's Edge
The Young Stranger
The Buckskin Lady
Curfew Breakers
Gun Battle at Monterey
The Iron Sheriff


You Can't Run Away From It
The Desperados Are in Town


The Spoilers
The Scarlet Coat
At Gunpoint


Cattle Queen of Montana
Silver Lode


A Perilous Journey
Bandits of the West
Confidentially Connie
Cruisin' Down the River
The Flaming Urge
Gun Belt
The Magnetic Monster


My Six Convicts
We're Not Married!
The Star
The Sniper
The Steel Fist
Apache Country
Cripple Creek
Skirts Ahoy!
Rose of Cimarron
Hold That Line


Home Town Story
Superman and the Mole Men
Lightning Strikes Twice
FBI Girl
Best of the Badmen
Footlight Varieties
Gasoline Alley
Disc Jockey


Dark City
Riding High
To Please a Lady
Key to the City
Union Station
Experiment Alcatraz
Champagne for Caesar
The Three Musketeers
The Girl from San Lorenzo


Samson and Delilah
The Inspector General
Streets of Laredo
I Shot Jesse James
The Dalton Gang
Mighty Joe Young


Arch of Triumph
Borrowed Trouble
Let's Live a Little
The Three Musketeers
They Live by Night
He Walked by Night
The Bride Goes Wild


The Long Night
Stallion Road
They Won't Believe Me
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
Dead Reckoning
Song of Love
Fun on a Weekend
It's a Joke, Son!
The Chinese Ring
The Adventures of Don Coyote


Deadline at Dawn
Dick Tracy vs. Cueball
The Postman Always Rings Twice
Till the Clouds Roll by
The Hoodlum Saint
Plainsman and the Lady
Sentimental Journey
San Quentin
The French Key
Two Sisters from Boston
The Secret of the Whistler
House of Horrors
Blonde Alibi
People Are Funny
Magnificent Doll


Don Juan Quilligan
The Lost Weekend
Scarlet Street
Brewster's Millions
Week-End at the Waldorf
Wonder Man
Nob Hill
Circumstantial Evidence
The Blonde From Brooklyn
The Hidden Eye
Voice of the Whistler
It's in the Bag!
Follow That Woman
The Master Key


And Now Tomorrow
Barbary Coast Gent
Casanova Brown
The Great Moment
Once Upon a Time
Since You Went Away
Summer Storm
Three Men in White
Mrs. Parkington
Music for Millions
American Romance, An
Henry Aldrich's Little Secret
Ministry of Fear
Ladies of Washington
The Whistler
When Strangers Marry
Lady in the Death House
Marriage Is a Private Affair


Coney Island
Dixie Dugan
The Human Comedy
So Proudly We Hail!
Hangmen Also Die!
In Old Oklahoma
Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case
Appointment in Berlin
Margin for Error
First Comes Courage
Silver Spurs
The Kansan
Sweet Rosie O'Grady
The Adventures of a Rookie


The Forest Rangers
The Magnificent Dope
Miss Annie Rooney
The Palm Beach Story
Reap the Wild Wind
Sabotage Squad
Stand by for Action
Fingers at the Window
The Adventures of Martin Eden
Pacific Rendezvous
Quiet Please: Murder
Keep 'Em Sailing
The Panther's Claw
The Tuttles of Tahiti
The Man in the Trunk


Bedtime Story
H.M. Pulham, Esq.
Remember the Day
Road to Happiness
Sis Hopkins
Sullivan's Travels
Under Age
You Belong to Me
Man Made Monster
Fancy Answers
The Night of January 16th
She Knew All the Answers
The Stork Pays Off
The Deadly Game
Roar of the Press
Mystery Ship
Meet Boston Blackie
I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island


Abe Lincoln in Illinois
Boom Town
Dr. Kildare's Crisis
Edison, the Man
The Saint's Double Trouble
The Man with Nine Lives
The Great McGinty
Three Faces West
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
Sky Murder


Beware Spooks!
In Name Only
Let Us Live
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Union Pacific
The Man They Could Not Hang
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever
Exile Express
Girl from Rio
Missing Daughters
The Spellbinder
A Woman Is the Judge
Million Dollar Legs
Television Spy
Streets of New York
Mystery of the White Room


Test Pilot
You Can't Take It with You
I Am the Law
Born to Be Wild
Delinquent Parents
Gangster's Boy
Crime Ring
The Lady in the Morgue
I Am a Criminal
The Spider's Web
Tenth Avenue Kid
Tarnished Angel
Say It in French
The Mad Miss Manton
Smashing the Rackets
Smashing the Spy Ring


Larceny on the Air
The Devil Is Driving
The Prisoner of Zenda
True Confession
A Day at the Races
Dick Tracy
It Happened in Hollywood
Make Way for Tomorrow
History Is Made at Night


The Little Minister


Night World

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