Frank Capra
Frank Capra
*May 18, 1897 Bisacquino, Sicily, Italy
as Francesco Rosario Capra
September 3, 1991 La Quinta, California

Sicilian-born American film director.



It Happened One Christmas


Rendezvous in Space


Pocketful of Miracles


A Hole in the Head


Our Mr. Sun


Here Comes the Groom
Westward the Women


Riding High


State of the Union


It's a Wonderful Life


War Comes to America


Arsenic and Old Lace
The Battle of China


Divide and Conquer
The Nazis Strike
The Battle of Britain
The Battle of Russia


Prelude to War


Meet John Doe


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


You Can't Take It with You


Lost Horizon


Mr. Deeds Goes to Town


Broadway Bill
It Happened One Night


The Bitter Tea of General Yen
Lady for a Day


American Madness


The Miracle Woman
Platinum Blonde


Ladies of Leisure
Rain or Shine


The Donovan Affair
The Younger Generation


The Matinee Idol
The Power of the Press
Say It with Sables
So This Is Love?
That Certain Thing
The Way of the Strong


For the Love of Mike
Long Pants


The Strong Man
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp


The Ballad of Fisher's Boarding House

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