Alice Faye
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Alice Faye
*May 5, 1915 New York, New York
as Alice Jeanne Leppert
May 9, 1998 Rancho Mirage, California

American actress and singer



Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood


Fallen Angel


Four Jills in a Jeep
Wing and a Prayer


The Gang's All Here
Hello Frisco, Hello


That Night in Rio
Week-End in Havana
The Great American Broadcast


Lillian Russell
Tin Pan Alley
Little Old New York


Rose of Washington Square
Hollywood Cavalcade


Alexander's Ragtime Band
Sally, Irene and Mary


In Old Chicago
On the Avenue


Poor Little Rich Girl
King of Burlesque


George White's 1935 Scandals
Music Is Magic


Now I'll Tell
365 Nights in Hollywood
She Learned About Sailors
George White's Scandals

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Photoplay, March 1936

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Photoplay, June 1936

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Photoplay, June 1936

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