Charles Chaplin (1889 - 1977)

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Books by Charles Chaplin
Charles Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin's Own Story
Indianapolis 1916

Charlie Chaplin
Hallo Europa!
Leipzig 1928

Charles Chaplin
Monsieur Verdoux
Berlin 1948

Charles Chaplin
My Autobiography
New York 1964

Harry M. Geduld (ed.)
Charlie Chaplin's own story
Bloomington 1985
Articles by Charles Chaplin
My Autobiography, in: Bert Cardullo, Harry Geduld, Ronald Gottesman, and Leigh Woods (ed.), Playing to the Camera, New Haven and London, 1998
Books on Charles Chaplin
Norbert Aping
Liberty Shtunk!, Die Freiheit wird abgeschafft. Charlie Chaplin und die Nationalsozialisten
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, 2010

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Charlie Chaplin, An Atlantic Portrait
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The essential Chaplin, Perspectives on the life and art of the great comedian
Chicago, 2006

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Un comico vede il mondo, Diario di viaggio 1931-1932 di Charlie Chaplin
Recco - Genova, 2006

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, 2005

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Charlie Chaplin, Interviews
Jackson, 2005

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Lanham, Maryland, and London, 2000

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Tramp, The Life of Charles Chaplin
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The Chaplin Encyclopedia
London, 1997

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Charlie Chaplin and His Times
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New York, 1996

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Hidden star, Oona O'Neill Chaplin : a memoir
London, 1995

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New York, 1994

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Charles Chaplin, His Reflection in Modern Times
New York, 1991

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Charlie Chaplin's one-man show
Carbondale, 1991

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Charlie Chaplin, Comic genius who brought laughter and hope to millions
Milwaukee, 1991

Jerry Epstein
Remembering Charlie, A Pictorial Biography
New York-London-Toronto-Sydney-Auckland, 1989

Til Radevagen (Hrsg.)
Alte Welt, Neue Welt, Charlie Chaplin
Berlin, 1989

Charles Maland
Chaplin, The Evolution of a Star
Princeton, 1989

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Charlie Chaplin, Biographie
Rastatt, 1989

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Charlie Chaplin
[Paris], 1989

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Charles Chaplin, An appreciation
New York, 1989

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Charles Chaplin
[Paris], 1988

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Secaucus, N.J., 1988

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Bloomington, 1987

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Chaplin, His Life and Art
New York, 1985

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Charlie Chaplin
New York, 1985

Julian Smith
Boston, 1984

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Charlie Chaplin, A Bio-Bibliography
Westport, Connecticut - London, 1983

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Chaplin, the mirror of opinion
London, Bloomington, 1983

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The Legend of Charlie Chaplin
Secaucus, NJ, 1982

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Charlie Chaplin, Seine Filme - sein Leben
München, 1981

Lillian Ross
Moments with Chaplin
New York, 1980

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L'âge d'or du comique, Sémiologie de Charlot
Bruxelles, 1979

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Charles Chaplin, A guide to references and resources
Boston, 1979

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Über Chaplin
Zürich, 1978

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Charlie Chaplin
Garden City, N.Y., 1978

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Charles Chaplin, El genio del cine
Barcelona, 1978

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Chaplin, Genesis of a Clown
London, 1977

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Charlie Chaplin
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Chaplin, the movies, & Charlie
New York, 1975

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Boston, [1974]

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New York, 1974

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, 1972

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München, 1972

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Charlie Chaplin
New York, 1972

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Focus on Chaplin
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Four Great Comedians, Chaplin, Lloyd, Keaton, Langdon
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London, 1968

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Charles Chaplin
Paris, 1966

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Berlin, 1965

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New York, 1965

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The Picture History of Charlie Chaplin
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Der grosse Charlie, Charlie Chaplin - seine Filme und sein Leben
München, 1964

Robert Payne
The Great Charlie
London, 1964

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Vom großen schönen Schweigen, Arbeit und Leben des Charles Spencer Chaplin
Berlin, 1963

Charlie Chaplin, Jr.
My Father, Charlie Chaplin
New York, 1960

Pierre Leprohon
Charles Chaplin
Paris, 1957

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Chaplin, the immortal tramp, The life and work of Charles Chaplin
London, [1954]

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Das ist Chaplin!, Sein Leben-Seine Filme-Seine Zeit
Wien, 1954

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Charles Spencer Chaplin en Charlie, Chaplin
Amsterdam, 1953

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The Little Fellow, The Life and Work of Charlie Spencer Chaplin
New York, 1951

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Chaplin, Last of the Clowns
, 1948

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A Little Boy Lost, Marcel Proust and Charlie Chaplin
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An Index to the Films of Charlie Chaplin
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Caldwell, Idaho, 1940

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Wien, 1931

Henry Poulaille
Charles Chaplin
Paris, 1927

Louis Delluc
Charlie Chaplin
London,New York, 1922

Louis Delluc
Charlie Chaplin
Paris, 1921

Charles Chaplin Jr
Mijn vader Charlie
Books with substantial mentioning of Charles Chaplin
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Author:Josef Nagel
Title:Kunst & Kommerz, Ausstellung: "Charlie, the Bestseller"
Illustrations:  yes
Related person:   Charles Chaplin
Author:Charles J. Maland
Title:Chaplin and Silent Film Comedy
in:Cynthia Lucia, Roy Grundmann, and Art Simon (ed.), The Wiley-Blackwell History of American Film, Malden, MA, Oxford, Chisester, 2012
Illustrations:  yes
Related person:   Charles Chaplin
Title:Ein Genie wie du und ich
Illustrations:  yes
Related person:   Charles Chaplin
Author:Stephen M. Weissman
Title:Charlie Chaplin's film heroines
Magazine:Film History
Illustrations:  yes
Related person:   Charles Chaplin
Author:Charles Chaplin
Title:My Autobiography
in:Bert Cardullo, Harry Geduld, Ronald Gottesman, and Leigh Woods (ed.), Playing to the Camera, New Haven and London, 1998
Illustrations:  yes

Charles Chaplin
* April 16, 1889 Walworth, London
 as Charles Spencer Chaplin
 December 25, 1977 Vevey, Switzerland

English comic actor, film director and composer



Iron Sky




The Celluloid Closet




The Gentleman Tramp


A Countess from Hong Kong


Days of Thrills and Laughter


A King in New York




Fifty Years Before Your Eyes
The Golden Twenties


Monsieur Verdoux


Der ewige Jude
The Great Dictator


Modern Times


City Lights


The Circus
Show People


The Gold Rush


Souls for Sale
A Woman of Paris
The Pilgrim


Pay Day


The Kid
The Idle Class
The Nut


A Day's Pleasure


A Dog's Life
Shoulder Arms
Triple Trouble
The Bond


The Immigrant
The Cure
Easy Street
The Adventurer


The Count
The Floorwalker
The Pawnshop
Behind the Screen
The Vagabond
The Fireman
One A.M.
The Rink


The Champion
The Tramp
A Burlesque on Carmen
His New Job
A Night Out
In the Park
A Jitney Elopement
By the Sea
The Bank
A Night in the Show
A Woman


Dough and Dynamite
A Busy Day
The Knockout
Tillie's Punctured Romance
Her Friend the Bandit
The New Janitor
His Trysting Place
Making a Living
Kid Auto Races at Venice
Mabel's Strange Predicament
Between Showers
A Film Johnnie
Tango Tangles
His Favorite Pastime
Cruel, Cruel Love
The Star Boarder
Mabel at the Wheel
Twenty Minutes of Love
Caught in a Cabaret
Caught in the Rain
The Fatal Mallet
Mabel's Busy Day
Mabel's Married Life
Laughing Gas
The Property Man
The Face on the Bar Room Floor
The Masquerader
His New Profession
The Rounders
Those Love Pangs
Gentlemen of Nerve
His Musical Career
Getting Acquainted
His Prehistoric Past

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