Lillian Gish (1893 - 1993)

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Lillian Gish with Ann Pinchot
The Movies, Mr. Griffith, and Me
Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 1969
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Introduction, in: Mary Dawn Earley, Stars of the Twenties, New York, 1975
The Movies, Mr. Griffith, and Me, in: Bert Cardullo, Harry Geduld, Ronald Gottesman, and Leigh Woods (ed.), Playing to the Camera, New Haven and London, 1998
Books on Lillian Gish
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Books with substantial mentioning of Lillian Gish
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Books with photograph(s) of Lillian Gish
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Articles on Lillian Gish
Trisha Curran, Lillian Gish, Tribute to a Great Lady, in: Films in Review, vol. 31, 1980 pp. 476-477
Author:Trisha Curran
Title:Lillian Gish, Tribute to a Great Lady
Magazine:Films in Review
Illustrations:  no
Related person:   Lillian Gish
Author:Lillian Gish
in:Mary Dawn Earley, Stars of the Twenties, New York, 1975
Illustrations:  no
Author:Lillian Gish
Title:The Movies, Mr. Griffith, and Me
in:Bert Cardullo, Harry Geduld, Ronald Gottesman, and Leigh Woods (ed.), Playing to the Camera, New Haven and London, 1998
Illustrations:  yes

Lillian Gish
* October 14, 1893 Springfield, Ohio
 as Lillian Diana Gish
 February 27, 1993 New York, New York

American film, stage and television actress, First Lady of Silent Cinema.



The Whales of August


Sweet Liberty


Hambone and Hillie


A Wedding


The Comedians in Africa
Warning Shot
The Comedians


Follow Me, Boys!


The Love Goddesses


The Spiral Staircase


The Unforgiven


Orders to Kill


The Night of the Hunter
The Cobweb


Portrait of Jennie


Duel in the Sun
Miss Susie Slagle's


Commandos Strike at Dawn


His Double Life


One Romantic Night


The Wind


Annie Laurie
The Enemy


La boheme
The Scarlet Letter




The White Sister


Orphans of the Storm


Way Down East
Remodeling Her Husband


True Heart Susie
Broken Blossoms
The Greatest Question
A Romance of Happy Valley


Hearts of the World
The Greatest Thing in Life
The Great Love


The Children Pay
Sold for Marriage


The Birth of a Nation
The Lily and the Rose


Judith of Bethulia
Home, Sweet Home


The Mothering Heart
The House of Darkness


Gold and Glitter
The New York Hat
Unseen Enemy, An
The Musketeers of Pig Alley

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