Frances Farmer (1913 - 1970)

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Rob Edelman, Frances Farmer, Wanted to be an actress, not just a starlet, in: Films in Review, vol. 30, 1979 pp. 406-414
Author:Rob Edelman
Title:Frances Farmer, Wanted to be an actress, not just a starlet
Magazine:Films in Review
Illustrations:  no
Related person:   Frances Farmer

Frances Farmer
* September 19, 1913 Seattle, Washington, USA
 as Frances Elena Farmer
 August 1, 1970 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA



I Escaped From the Gestapo


Son of Fury


Among the Living
World Premiere
Badlands of Dakota


Flowing Gold
South of Pago Pago


Ride a Crooked Mile


The Toast of New York
Ebb Tide


Border Flight
Come and Get It
Rhythm on the Range
Too Many Parents

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