Olga Baclanova (1896 - 1974)

Olga Baclanova was born in Moscow in 1896 as the daughter of an actress in early Russian films. At the age of 16 she made her debut on stage and at 18 she starred for the first time in a movie. The Russian Revolution ended her short film career and the returned to the stage.

In 1923 she toured the United States with the Moscow Art Theatre. Baclanova decided to stay and in the late 20's she became a star in Hollywood mostly casted as an exotic woman. The transition to talking pictures was difficult for Baclanova because of her heavy Russian accent. She only occured in supporting parts, but played one final leading role in Freaks in 1932. The film was no success at that time and her film career was over.

Again Baclanova returned to the stage and even became her own radio show. After her retirement, she moved to Switzerland where she died in Vervey in 1974.
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Olga Baclanova
* August 19, 1896 Moscow, Russia
 as Olga Vladimirovna Baklanova
 September 6, 1974 Vevey, Switzerland

Russian actress, who achieved prominence during the silent film era.





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