Gary Cooper as a retiring small-town marshal who is completely abandoned by the townpeople he has defended for so long and left alone at noon to face a vengeful killer and his gang of outlaws.

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John Caps, Soundtracks 101, Essential movie music: a listener's guide, in: Filmcomment, nr. 6 (Nov/Dec), 2003 pp. 31-49
Author:John Caps
Title:Soundtracks 101, Essential movie music: a listener's guide
Illustrations:  yes

High Noon
United States 1952

Directed by

Katy Jurado
Morgan Farley
Robert J. Wilke
Sheb Wooley
William Newell
Dick Elliott
James Millican
Tom London
William 'Bill' Phillips
Cliff Clark


Running time:85 minutes
Country:United States

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