Ronald Colman - If I Were King

The court of Louis XI is a center for intrigue as the Burgundians lay siege to the city. The king continues to live well, but the siege means the poor are starving. François Villon boasts how he could relieve their misery if only he were king. Arrested for treason, he is given eight days to act as Grand Constable, dispensing justice throughout the city. His actions meet with the approval of the king and his fellow citizens, whom he rallies to defeat the Burgundians. 1


If I Were King
United States 1938

Directed by

Stanley Ridges
Bruce Lester
Walter Kingsford
Adrian Morris
Lester Matthews
Henry Brandon
Brandon Hurst
Darryl Hickman
Alec Craig
Edward Brady
Paul Newlan
Ralph Sanford
Claude King
Guy Bellis


Running time:101 minutes
Country:United States

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