With his company about to merge, a happily married and successful computer expert is expecting a promotion. Instead the job goes to a woman from another plant with whom he had an affair in his bachelor days. His new boss, not only dangerously sexy but equally dangerously ambitious, has climbed the corporate ladder by exerting undue influence on the CEO. She apparently tries to pick up where they left off but he just about manages to resist. This liaison is soon revealed to be part of her master plan to consolidate power and use Tom as a scapegoat to cover her technical misdeeds. As his position at work comes under increasing pressure he decides to file charges of sexual harassment. This is the last thing the company needs.

Books with substantial mentioning of Disclosure
Jürgen Müller
Filme der 90er
Köln-London-Madrid-New York-Paris-Tokyo, 2001

Shawn Brennan (ed.)
Magill's Cinema Annual 1995, 14th Edition. A Survey of the Films of 1994
New York [..], 1996

United States 1994

Directed by

Roma Maffia
Dylan Baker
Dennis Miller
Jacqueline Kim
Wayne Duvall


Running time:129 minutes
Country:United States

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