It's a Wonderful Life 1946

Donna Reed, James Stewart - It's a Wonderful Life
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Angie Errigo, It's a Wonderful Life, in: Empire, nr. 187, 2005 pp. 218-219 (DVD review)
Author:John A. Noakes
Title:Bankers and common men in Bedford Falls, How the FBI determined that It's a Wonderful Life was a subversive movie
Magazine:Film History
Illustrations:  yes
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Author:Angie Errigo
Title:It's a Wonderful Life
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DVD review of:   It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

It's a Wonderful Life
United States 1946

Directed by

Henry Travers
Frank Faylen
Todd Karns
Samuel S. Hinds
Mary Treen
Charles Williams
Sarah Edwards
Argentina Brunetti
Robert J. Anderson
Danny Mummert
Georgie Nokes
Charles Lane
Larry Simms
Sam Flint
Larry Wheat
Frank O'Connor
Jean Acker
Adriana Caselotti
Harry Cheshire
Dick Elliott
Milton Kibbee
Wilbur Mack
Michael Chapin
Charles C. Wilson
Charles Halton
Frank Fenton
Tom Fadden
Charles Sullivan


Country:United States

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