Gone with the Wind 1939

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Author:John Caps
Title:Soundtracks 101, Essential movie music: a listener's guide
Illustrations:  yes
Author:Kim Newman
Title:Gone with the Wind
Illustrations:  no
Review of:   Gone with the Wind (1939)
Author:Dorothea Heintze
Title:Scarlett und die Folgen
Magazine:epd Film
Illustrations:  yes
DVD review of:   Gone with the Wind (1939)

Gone with the Wind
United States 1939

Directed by

Barbara O'Neil
George Reeves
Fred Crane
Howard C. Hickman
Rand Brooks
Laura Hope Crews
Leona Roberts
Paul Hurst
J.M. Kerrigan
Mickey Kuhn
Jackie Moran
Isabel Jewell
Louis Jean Heydt
Olin Howland
Tommy Kelly
Eddy Chandler
Scott Seaton
Gino Corrado
Marjorie Reynolds
Emmett King
Billy Cook
John Wray
Horace B. Carpenter
Adrian Morris
Guy Wilkerson
Harry Strang
Lee Phelps
Si Jenks
Wallis Clark
Alberto Morin
Frank Faylen
Trevor Bardette
Luke Cosgrave


Running time:224 minutes
Country:United States

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