This musical opens with King Arthur standing on the battle plains, asking Merlyn how he has blundered into the absurdity of being at war with his greatest knight, Lancelot du Lac. Merlyn helps him recall how it all began, when as the young King, Arthur stood in the forest awaiting the arrival of his queen-to-be, Guenevere. Guenevere arrives and receives a glowing account from Arthur of his kingdom, Camelot. Happily married, Arthur is triumphant on the battlefields but is disturbed by constant war. With Guenevere's encouragement he creates a new order of chivalry, inviting the rival kings to lay down their arms and join him at the Round Table where the motto is 'might for right'. The bravest of all knights, Lancelot du Lac, crosses the Channel from France to join him at the Round Table.

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United States 1967

Directed by
Joshua Logan

Laurence Naismith
Nicolas Beauvy


Country:United States

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