Hans Moser, Heinz Rühmann - 13 Stühle

Barber Felix Rabe (Heinz Rühmann) inherits 13 chairs from his late aunt Barbara. To collect money for his journey home he sells all of them, but finds out that a fortune is hidden in one of the chairs. All chairs have been re-sold to different costumers. A turbulent search for the chairs follows.

Books with substantial mentioning of 13 Stühle
Gregor Ball/Eberhard Spiess
Heinz Rühmann und seine Filme
München, 1982

Christa Bandmann / Joe Hembus
Klassiker des Deutschen Tonfilms, 1930-1960
München, 1980

13 Stühle
Germany 1938

Directed by

Karl Skraup
Alfred Neugebauer
Walter Huber
Pepi Glöckner-Kramer
Karl Günther
Ferdinand Mayerhofer
Karl Ehmann
Mimi Stelzer



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