The Man with One Red Shoe 1985

Tom Hanks, Lori Singer - The Man with One Red Shoe
Tom Hanks - The Man with One Red Shoe
The Man with One Red Shoe

Cooper, the deputy director of the CIA, wants to be the director. So, he tries to smear the director into resigning or being removed. The director, who knows that Cooper has been bugging him, feeds him some false information--that there's a man who might be able to clear of the charges against him will be arriving at the airport, so he sends his man, Brown to meet him. Brown was just suppose to make contact with anyone at the airport thus making Cooper believe that he is the man who can help the director. Brown picks Richard cause he is wearing mismatched shoes, one of them being red. So Cooper sets up surveillance on Richard and sends his femme fatale, Maddy to come on to him and find out what he knows. While Maddy is playing, Richard actually falls for her.

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Larry Langman & David Ebner
Encyclopedia of American Spy Films
New York & London, 1990

The Man with One Red Shoe
United States 1985

Directed by
Stan Dragoti

Dabney Coleman
Lori Singer
Tom Noonan
Gerrit Graham


Running time:92 minutes
Country:United States

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