Stagecoach 1939

Western about a stagecoach journey across the plains of Arizona in the 1870's.

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Articles on Stagecoach
Owen Williams, Stagecoach, Masterpiece #82, in: Empire, nr. 255 (Sept), 2010 pp. 152-153
Author:Owen Williams
Title:Stagecoach, Masterpiece #82
Illustrations:  yes
Related film: Stagecoach (1939)

United States 1939

Directed by

Donald Meek
Berton Churchill
Fritzi Brunette
Franklyn Farnum
Hank Worden
Chief John Big Tree
Leonard Trainor
Paul McVey
Theodore Lorch
Cornelius Keefe
Edward Brady
William Hopper
Jack Pennick
Si Jenks
Robert Homans
Nora Cecil
Chris-Pin Martin
Harry Tenbrook
Steve Clemente


Running time:96 minutes
Country:United States

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