Mary of Scotland 1936

Douglas Walton, Katharine Hepburn, John Carradine - Mary of Scotland

The recently widowed Mary Stuart returns to Scotland to reclaim her throne but is opposed by her half-brother and her own Scottish lords.

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Mary of Scotland
United States 1936

Directed by
Leslie Goodwins

Douglas Walton
Gavin Muir
Alan Mowbray
Frieda Inescort
Anita Colby
Alec Craig
Mary Gordon
Leonard Mudie
Brandon Hurst
Wilfred Lucas
Cyril McLaglen
Doris Lloyd
Lawrence Grant
Ivan F. Simpson
Pat Somerset
John Pickard
Billy Watson
Tommy Bupp
Wedgwood Nowell
Robert Homans
Harry Tenbrook
Halliwell Hobbes
Fred Malatesta
Bobs Watson


Running time:123 minutes
Country:United States

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