Down to Earth 1947

A musical continuing thetheme created in the comedy Here Comes Mr Jordan. Mr Jordan is still up in heaven. When the goddess Terpsichore learns that Broadway star Danny Miller is producing a musical about the Nine Muses, of which she is one, she convinces Mr Jordan to send her down to earth.

Books with substantial mentioning of Down to Earth
Gene Ringgold
The Films of Rita Hayworth
Secaucus, New Jersey, 1974

Down to Earth
United States 1947

Directed by
Alexander Hall

Roland Culver
Jean Willes
Mary Forbes
Lynn Merrick
Ernest Hilliard
Nick Stewart
Cora Witherspoon
Frank Darien
Wilbur Mack
Fred F. Sears
Eddie Acuff
Rudolph Cameron


Running time:101 minutes
Country:United States

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