Jean Harlow (1911 - 1937)

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Articles on Jean Harlow
James Robert Haspiel, The Monroe-Harlow Connection, in: Films in Review, vol. 30, 1979 pp. 145-149, 173
Gregory Mank, Jean Harlow, in: Films in Review, vol. 29, 1978 pp. 599-616
Author:James Robert Haspiel
Title:The Monroe-Harlow Connection
Magazine:Films in Review
Pp:145-149, 173
Illustrations:  no
Related persons:   Marilyn Monroe
Jean Harlow
Author:Gregory Mank
Title:Jean Harlow
Magazine:Films in Review
Illustrations:  yes
Related persons:   Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow
* March 3, 1911 Kansas City, Missouri
 as Harlean Harlow Carpenter
 June 7, 1937 Los Angeles, California

American film actress and sex symbol of the 1930s



Thats Entertainment! III


The Love Goddesses


The Golden Age of Comedy


Personal Property


Libeled Lady
Wife vs. Secretary


China Seas


The Girl from Missouri


Dinner at Eight
Hold Your Man


The Beast of the City
Red Dust
Red-Headed Woman


City Lights
The Public Enemy
Platinum Blonde
Beau Hunks
The Secret Six
Iron Man


Hell's Angels


Double Whoopee
Bacon Grabbers
The Love Parade
New York Nights
Why Be Good?
Close Harmony
The Saturday Night Kid
This Thing Called Love


Honor Bound
Moran of the Marines

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